Online Basic photography

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Online Digital Adventure Photography

Tired Of Social Distancing… Connect virtually! Learn a new Skill!

First sessions start March 27, 2020!

Choose from 3 convenient sessions

  • Basic Photo 101: 
    • 03/27/2020 10am, 
    • 03/30/2020 2pm, 
    • 04/02/2020 6pm

All classes are 4  sessions of 2 hours with an
optional 1 hour open session after each class time. (total of 3 hours per session)

Every participant will receive their own unique photography website. 

  • Fundamentals of the camera, basic techniques, and composition.
  • Learn best practices for optimizing photographs.
  • Start your own website.
  • Learn how to take great Stock Photography 
  • Get feedback from industry professionals and your peers.
  • Live sessions!  So you can get instant feedback.

All Classes are exclusively online… Consisting of an online classroom, Video Meeting sessions, and one on one critique sessions.  (Every participant will schedule a 30 minute one on one session.)  ALL classes will be designed around the needs of the group.  Exact content will be different for every session.  Basic and advanced photography techniques will be covered over the entire course.

Cost: $120.00

Basic Photo 101